In Darkness Turns the Worm – A Whim by Poor William

By POOR WILLIAM (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Poor William heard a guest speaker in Bible College talk about “treasures in the darkness!” Twas something he had never thought about. Well, 25 years later and a whole lot of time spent in darkness, the dissolute lad might have just started understanding what the itinerant meant. Darkness is necessary […]

Repentance Trumps Sorry

Pontificus Minimus Opines Unless one is what we Southerners call “sorry,” a behavioral term, then most folks do feel sorry when they have done something they should not have. There’s sorry, meaning one ain’t worth killing, which means they are sorry. There’s sorry, meaning one feels regret over something they have likely done. There’s sorry, […]

The Hallmark of a Christian Ain’t What You Think

A happy boy in Moon Lake! Life is good for father and son! Photo by DB By Pontificus Minimus (Clarksdale, Mississippi) What say ye Pontificus? The hallmark of a Christian? Elaborate kind sir! Well, Pontificus had a professor in Bible College who repeatedly said the hallmark of a Christian should be THANKFULNESS! Most folks think […]