WROX is Alive and Well and Streaming from Clarksdale – heart of the Mississippi Delta

WROX Radio in Clarksdale

WROX Radio in Clarksdale

WROX Radio is Alive and Well and Streaming

from Clarksdale – heart of the Mississippi Delta

The first time I tuned in my car radio to listen to the new WROX on 97.5 FM (and 1450 AM) it was nightime, I was feeling no pain, in a good mood, and headed home to Poor William after an evening out in Clarksdale. What I heard was so exciting and I loved it so much that I called the radio station and left a message on their answering machine. Unfortunately I can’t recall what song was playing, likely due to the insane number of great tunes I have heard since that day back around November 2011. Paul? Bobbie? Do y’all remember what song?

The next day I got a phone call from Bobbie saying how much they appreciated my message. What a nice gesture. Next thing they did was drop by the Delta Bohemian office at 149 Delta and personally introduce themselves to us. What nice folks! Wow. We had a great time hearing about how they ended up in Clarksdale and about Paul’s passion for radio, which started at the young age of 15. He’s been around radio, folks. He knows what in the hell he is doing.

Paul. Bobbie. And your friend, Chris. Thanks so much for buying WROX, Clarksdale’s first radio station, which went on the air on June 5, 1944. Disc jockey Early “Soul Man” Wright became a legendary personality on the station. WROX was recently honored with a Mississippi Blues Trail Marker.

Every time I get in my car in town my radio plays the sounds of WROX 105.7. I have never, no NEVER, heard a song I did not like. On a whim I decided to record every song they played when I got in my car over a 24 hour period which spanned over 2 days. Watch this video and listen. Keep in mind, this is recorded on an iPhone and while driving. Ok. If my brother, Chris, is reading this, I know, I know, I shouldn’t be fooling with my phone while I’m driving. I did pull over when I recorded though …

Enjoy! And Paul and Bobbie, WELCOME TO CLARKSDALE! We are glad you are here. Now, when are we gonna get together for that libation or two? ­čśë

While in Clarksdale, tune your radio to WROX 105.7 FM or 1450 AM and if you are away not here, listen to the station streaming on the web at WROXRadio.

Read more about how the Utah natives made their way to the heart of the Mississippi Delta. CLICK HERE to read the article on the Clarksdale Press Register. If you are not a subscriber to the paper, then subscribe! Or contact us at [email protected] and we will gladly send you the story. MM

Paul Wilson owner of WROX Radio at Care Fest 2013 Ground Zero Blues Club


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  1. I am so happy that someone bought this station! And, like you, I listen to WROX in my car. Sometimes at home, too. WROX is a jewel! Such an important part of the city’s musical past. Clarksdale residents and businesses should take great pride in the fact that this station is on the air locally and give it their support. I grew up listening to Early Wright, another Clarksdale treasure. I remember Moma having the radio on every morning while I ate breakfast before school! And sometimes listening those for those inclement weather reports dismissing school! WROX is a part of my past and it is an asset to Clarksdale. I wish Paul and Bobbie much success in this venture.

  2. Bobbie Wilson says:

    What a wonderful article! Thank you for all of your kind words and local support!

  3. Incredible Post Madge! What a blessing to have WROX rockin’ again! Thanks Paul and Bobbie! pw

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