Delta Delusions: Captive


Delta Delusions: Captive


Photo by The Delta Bohemian

Photo by The Delta Bohemian

Why are they holding me captive? What the hell did I do to deserve this treatment? I am alone; I can’t see. What in the Sam Hill do these people think they are doing to me? Where in the hell am I? I am being held against my will. This is bullshit!

That is hurting me. Why are you pinching me? Ow, stop abusing me. I am going straight to Obama; he will make you free me; you are in big-ass trouble now. Leave me the hell alone!

I guess I never amounted to much. I worked for years and years and never accumulated a dime. Where did the time go? I had such big plans for my life and the lives of those I love. Now I am a prisoner, bruised and hungry. That peas soup shit they feed me makes me want to puke. How can I eat chained to a table?

They must have beaten me again last night; my arm is bruised and I can’t remember a thing. Why would another human treat me like this? Maybe I was on a CIA covert mission and was discovered crossing under the wire? I just can’t remember much anymore. I guess I have my good moments and bad moments.

Hi Jenny, did I have a bad night last night? I am sorry if I acted up. I just can’t remember. Could I have some more of that homemade soup you said your momma sends to us old men here at Shady Acres? It’s almost as good as my momma used to make. You have a nice day dear, and could you bring me that Hemingway novel I was reading? Maybe you can remember where I was.


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



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