Mr. Davis: Work, Home, and Church—It’ll Keep You Out of Trouble

The pond at the Salon de Boheme in Clarksdale. Photo by Delta Bohemian

The pond at the Salon de Boheme in Clarksdale. Photo by Delta Bohemian


CLARKSDALE, MS ( – Poor William finally, finally, did something he said he was going to do and when he said he was going to do it! Make way you unfaithful naysayers; the miraculous has occurred! At 51 years-of-age, the portly Opiner has scored a homerun in the have-finally-done category. A giant among lesser men is he; a now fastidious, ardent, tried and true “doer,” a visionary and feetto-the-ground accomplisher of all things planned and unexpected!

One Event has solidified his awareness of his God-given ability to do what he sets out to do, at least every 51 years.

Mr. Bob Davis assists the Howell’s with yard work, as Magical Madge grew weary, though “nagless,” with Poor William’s always-gonna-do-something-soon, lying-ass ways. So, Mr. Davis—I just can’t call him Bob; I have too much respect for him—has carried on with Miss Wegener’s yard, the same one Poor William had/has a hard time consistently getting around to tending. It is much too important for him to be starting beaucoup new tasks that never get completed. They will! They will! NOT!

Poor William has been promising Mr. Davis for months and months that he will join him for some yard-oriented tasks and garden/patio maintenance. He hasn’t! Weekly, for months, Mr. Davis chuckles every “hump day” when he says he will put my next promise on his calendar. He says the calendar is running out of places to write on.

Back to my self-congratulatory aggrandizement, Poor William was armed with two shovels, hoe, buckets, a garden rake and a lot of “can-do” attitude this morning. The out-of-shape 51’er worked the Redneck dragline (means shovel) until he had dug more dirt than Cool Hand Luke every thought about, and then some! “I’m shaking it boss; I’m shaking it!”

What Poor William quickly noticed was how much wisdom he could have acquired months ago had he shown up then to be work with Mr. Davis. We discussed the “condition” of near about everything, both in complete accord ideologically and theologically.

The greatest take away this morning for Poor William—the dirt buster—was in Mr. Davis’s humble recognition of how he has chosen to live his life; it is not a bad admonition for Poor William and anyone else who lives a little too close to the margins of society to heed. His words verbatim: “I GO TO WORK; I GO TO CHURCH, AND I GO HOME! pw


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