A Nice Gentleman

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) EDITORS NOTE: The views expressed by Dingus Batticus do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of the Delta Bohemian. Dingus is a developing character who is reminiscent of Archie Bunker: a complex character with overt racist views, which will likely be mitigated over time. Dingus gives a portrayal into an element living in […]

Delta Strutters

By Dingus Batticus (Clarksdale, Mississippi)  Those of y’all who know about the Mississippi Delta probably know that the place is famous for blues music. That’s black folks’ music. You also probably know something about the plantation culture that the blues came from. Them is white folks’ plantations. As for me and my folks, we ain’t […]


By Mr. Lil’ John McKee Guest Bohemian Multiple choice question- 1. From the following three choices, which is the most appropriate to put in iced tea? a. Artificial sweetener b. Organophosphate insecticide c. Tea is a symbol of capitalist oppression Greetings. To all you yellow-bellied, lily-livered, tofu-eating fraidy cats who chose the first answer – […]