It Ain’t Snitchin’ if It’s True; It Ain’t Wrong if It’s Right

It Ain’ Snitchin’ if It’s True; It Ain’ Wrong if It’s Right “When a crime is not punished quickly, people feel it is safe to do wrong.” — Ecclesiastes 8:11 Recently, we were the victims of a crime of intrusion and opportunity, when we contacted Clarksdale Police Department and the Mayor Chuck Espy, haste was […]

YAK vs JONES – A Mississippi Delta Throw Down

YOU CAN’T GET THIS S*@$ IN NEW YORK CITY A serendipitous late-afternoon Mississippi Delta Throw Down occurred last week outside Snap Fitness. Poor William was inside wearing all the rough off the weight machines, when he heard a bit of smack talking on the chest press machine to his left. The crew–Clarksdale Police Department Cpl. […]