While walking on the fabled Yazoo Pass this morning I came across an o’ possum trottin’, so I filmed him and made up a spontaneous poem while walking that would make Byron, Shelley and Keats nauseous.

Everything we do on The Delta Bohemian® is extemporaneous, low tech and serendipitous, but it usually captures some Delta Essence—a fragrance not replicated anywhere else in the world.

We are blessed with much wildlife we locals often take for granted, because we see it every day, but I am constantly amazed while at Clark House Inn or on Delta Bohemian tours how often visitors to our generative area are jazzed to see red cardinals, the bluest of blue jays, loquacious mockingbirds, red squirrels squawking aplenty, raccoons, owls, eagles, geese, turtles, gators, snakes, etc.

A possum, as we call ‘em down South—I have a good friend we call Possum, and he don’t play dead unless he is—can be viewed as a foul marsupial, be he ain’! Resistant to many diseases and known to eat a couple thousands ticks per month, this ghostly faced fella is a fine example of God’s prescience in creating wildlife we too often misunderstand until we take the time to understand…

Come on to the Mississippi Delta and get ya some fine blues, excellent eats, felicitous greets, and take a tour with Chilly Billy of Delta Bohemian Tours, we we’ll go ridin’ and see what we see! Cheers! Chilly  🙂 


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Possum on the Pass

Possum on Yazoo Pass

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  1. My fraternity brother and good friend William Cocke was named Possum, and his poor girlfriend we called Possum Woman or Marsupial Mama

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