Kathryn’s Restaurant at Moon Lake is only minutes from Clarksdale

Established in 1937, Kathryn's Restaurant has long been a favorite dining spot for locals and visitors for many years.

Established in 1937, Kathryn’s Restaurant has long been a favorite dining spot for locals and visitors for many years.

By Magical Madge and Poor William
(Dundee, Mississippi) VIDEO

When I heard in the Spring of 2012 that blues musician John Mohead, along with wife Jenn and sons Jack and Henry, had purchased Moon Lake’s Kathryn’s Restaurant, I knew the place was destined to make a comeback. We had seen ownership change numerous times over the prior years and sadly, visits to the iconic spot had grown infrequent. Soon it sat closed and waiting. Waiting for it’s savior– the Moon Lake Music Man snatched it up and decided to venture into the restauranteur kinda life. (What was it Jenn said….John, have you gone crazy?)

Yes, Mohead had gone crazy, crazy in love with the idea of resurrecting a place he had frequented often with his family as a young boy. His roots are deep in Dundee (or Lula) and many of them must be growing under the simple frame building housing famous Kathryn’s, dormant and needing a good friend.

Over a year later, John is seen standing at the kitchen grill, cook apron proudly tied around his waist, as he lovingly prepares fine dish after fine dish for his devoted customers. Mohead vividly recalled the classic menu items of Kathryn’s past and has brought the dishes back to life. Simple presentations. Good Food. Atmosphere you just feel comfortable with.

After a long day on the lake the place tethers you in for nourishment, refreshment and good company. But townies, after only one visit, you too will get the buzz and before you know it, whether you live in Clarksdale, which is only minutes away up Highway 61, or Cleveland, Tunica, Sumner, Marks, Helena, Greenwood, Oxford or even Memphis, you will feel the pull to return again and again to the lady on the lake. Take your own wine, bottle, or drink Kathryn’s beer and dine in a place like no other. Peruse the historical photo display on the walls, which feature prior diners and you will sense something unexplained and mysterious inside the simple environs.

On red checkered tablecloths, many piles of onion rings, fried pickles, good steaks and blue-cheese-shaving salads have been devoured on her premises. Conclude your meal with a decadent Kentucky Alexander. Then, lean back in your chair and give thanks for life’s simple pleasures. Family, friends and our abounding blessings. Surely you will think, I must be somewhere close to heaven. MM

NOTE from Madge’s rotund hubby: Katherine’s was the coup de grace for me as a child, eating there only once or twice a year. I recollect vividly, and there is little I remember at all at my age and with a past head injury, but I recall the boisterous laughter, the wooden walls, my parent’s friends sippin’ on what I couldn’t have, and the most incredible salad. I come from a salad loving people, and Katherine’s salad never did and still doesn’t disappoint! And, the white-wrappered Baby Ruth bar in a jar on the counter was the killer touch for a delightful evening, spent with family and friends.

We went rarely, so when the Moheads opened it back up, I thought I probably couldn’t afford it but once a blue moon–whenever the hell that occurs! Poor William was wrong once again! It is incredibly affordable! A large Katherine’s salad is $7.50! Yes, ladies and gentlemens, one gets nearly a head of the most delectable iceberg lettuce as cold as a miner’s nose in the Klondike, with the secret dressing guaranteed to please.

Onion rings? Well, yeah! It is an assumption that one would start with them. A friend of my daughters from Idaho took her to dinner there last week (Madge and I only ate at Katherine’s twice last week) and he said when they asked did he want to start with an order of onion rings that he knew they must be good. The Idahoan was not disappointed! Fried pickles? For sure! Killer steaks, fish, and pasta? No doubt!

A highlight of Delta living is a day at Moon Lake kickin’ it at the sandbar–swimming area shallow enough to stand and drink beer, located in the middle of the lake–populated with folks from Memphis, Arkansas, and of course a bevy of local characters, the most notable being Pete Hunter, Captain Jack Larger-than-a-Sparrow Hunter, owner and questionable operator of the FUBAB, followed by a great meal and conversation at Katheryn’s! Lake attire permitted! Y’all come! It’s DELTA SPECIFIC! PW

Kathryn’s at Moon Lake
5770 Moon Lake Road, Dundee, Mississippi
Open Thursday-Sunday 6pm-10pm
Call 662-337-0022
[email protected]


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  1. are you open march 3 need reservations 2258925742

  2. Marilyn Kirtley says:

    Madge. Google map is giving us two directions to Kathryn’s. Tell us how to get there from the Shacks.

    • Best route is North on 61. Turn left (West) on to MOON ROAD, which is literally 50 yards before you get to the light at Highway 49 headed to Helena Bridge. Turn on to MOON ROAD as the access off Highway 49 will be complicated due to a bridge being out on Moon Lake Road.

      So, once you turn left onto MOON ROAD, stay on it until it dead ends at Moon Lake Road. Turn Right onto Moon Lake Road. Kathryn’s will be on your right about a mile up that road!

      Make a reservation!!

      I hope this helps!

  3. Patty Anthony says:

    Thanks for your support!

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