The Frank McClory Project NEW CD Release Celebration

Frank McClory CD Release "Walking in the Shadows of Greatness"

Frank McClory CD Release “Walking in the Shadows of Greatness”

(CLARKSDALE, Mississippi)

Two friends had a crazy idea and then they actually did it. On Tuesday, October 15 at 3pm, immediately following their live interview with “Sunshine” Sonny Payne, photographer Gary Duane Buth and his gifted musician friend Frank McClory, both of The Frank McClory Project, will land at the Delta Bohemian on Delta Avenue with new CDs, Stickers and who knows what else in hand to GIVE AWAY. And….Frank will be playing some music too. And he can sho nuff play the guitar.

What music? What CD? What Stickers? Why?

Billy and I met these two dudes on their trip through Clarksdale back in May when they stayed at the Clark House. They had a tale to tell plus they were actually living it. Here, I’ll let the words on the CD sleeve for “Walking in the Shadows of Greatness” clue you in on their story.

“This CD is the result of a trip into the heart of the Mississippi Delta with the intention to write original songs & music and record it while on the road. These recordings were made on the Roland R-26 Field Recorder using only the on-board microphones of the R-26, old school style, single track recording. You may hear things such as breathing, foot stomping, ambient background noises, guitar fret buzz and amp sounds because that is how it was, real. We wanted to emulate the recording of the original Delta region musicians when it was just them with a guitar in a simple room and a single track recorder.

We started the journey without bringing any instruments, but looked to find them while on the road. Searching pawn shops in Memphis, Tennessee for a guitar, we settled in on a black Stagg S300. This guitar was playable, needed some work, yet the vibe from the shop and the price fit our program. After a new set of strings, along with some fret filing, cleaning and minor adjustments, the black Stagg or “Pawn Shop Special” as we call it, was ready to rock.

One of the acoustic guitars used for these recording was a small body Airline that was found at The Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale, Mississippi. The little Airline was simply one of many loaner guitars available to guests at the Shack Up Inn. The tones that resonated from this guitar were amazing, even with its rusty strings, small body and lack of professional set up, it was almost magical.

A Gibson Hummingbird Pro acoustic guitar was used for the track “Dragging My Stick” and recorded in Frank’s music room as writing of the song was finished on the flight home. A Danelectro Nifty-Fifty Amplifier and a Marshall 9-Volt Battery Powered Mini-Amp were used to bring the Stagg “Pawn Shop Special” to life.

This CD was literally written & recorded on the road with two women waiting.

We hope you enjoy our little musical adventure. – Frank and Gary”

Frank McClory signing his new CD "Walking in the Shadows of Greatness" at the Shack Up Inn

Frank McClory signing his new CD “Walking in the Shadows of Greatness” at the Shack Up Inn

Several of the songs on the CD were recorded at the Clark House and at the Shack Up Inn. There are even ambient noise tracks from various shacks that made the cut. Screen door opening with a creaking sound. Footsteps on the old pine floors.

After listening to this new musical release, which features outstanding photographs by Gary Duane Buth, and has tracks with names like Clark House Jam, Chicken Scratch, Words of Wisdom (The Sonny Payne Song) and Walking in the Shadows of Greatness (title track), Billy and I both were drawn to Muddy Black Water, the last track on this unique collaboration between two enthusiastic lovers of blues music.

We hope you will drop by to tell them hello and pick up your copy of “Walking in the Shadows of Greatness.”

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