Deak Harp Performing Impromptu for DB Touristas

Visitors to his customized harmonica shop often get a surprise show! - PHOTOS & VIDEOS

Deak Harp with the bride and her friends at his shop in Clarksdale after he gave them an impromptu performance

Deak Harp Stephanie Cummings, Jayme Erickson and the bride-to-be Karla Burk at his shop in Clarksdale after he gave them an impromptu performance

Deak Harp knows how to make the ladies smile. 

Magical Madge had some cool chicks staying at the Clarksdale White House and Delta Bohemian Guest House recently. Several took a Delta Bohemian Tour, which included a visit to Deak Harp’s Mississippi Saxophones and Blues Emporium, where my good friend Deak not only chatted up the chicks, but gave an impromptu performance for them, some French gals who wandered in, and a couple from Spain. You can’t get this in New York City, ladies and genulmens! Fact!

Delta Bohemian Tours and Chilly Billy Howell love some Deak Harp. The Deakster moved to Clarksdale a few years ago to ply his trade. He customizes harmonicas for tourists from all over the world at Deak’s Mississippi Saxophones and Blues Emporium in downtown Clarksdale, plays locally with talented drummer Lee Williams, Jr. or as a one-man band. He also founded the Mississippi Saxophone (harmonica) Festival, which just concluded its second annual fete with well-known harmonica players wowing a burgeoning crowd on Third Street in Clarksdale. He also plays all over the world—solo and in bands.

When giving Delta Bohemian Tours, I always drive by or stop at Deak’s downtown shop, where he often gives impromptu performances for visitors and engages with them in a manner not often seen in other “music cities!” We relate in the Mississippi Delta and our musicians not only provide intimate performances at our myriad music venues, but they talk, answer questions and are not immune to sharing a “beverage” or two with imbibers while on break and prior to and after performances.

Deak and Lee Williams just finished their second year in a row playing Jazz Fest in New Orleans. Jazz Fest Producer Quint Davis stated while introducing Deak’s set: “Deak is a missing link to old school blues…an American Treasure.” also has links to Deak ‘s appearance on the October 2nd Season Finale of Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour on the History Channel. It shows an unaired clip of Deak playing in his shop!

“I say not only is Deak Harp a really super nice guy, but he’s a real blues guy. He’s as genuine as it gets because he plays straight from the heart. I enjoy listening to him play guitar with his harp on a rack and singing. I like his songwriting too. I think anybody that loves blues would love to see and hear Deak any chance they get. I know I would and I do. Deak is ready!!!” — Charlie Musselwhite, harmonica legend’s quote on

Check out the video of Charlie Musselwhite wandering the streets of Clarksdale with a visit to Deak’s shop HERE! Clarksdale, y’all come and take a Delta Bohemian Tour and we will swing by Deak’s! I ain’ lyin’! chilly billy

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