Classic ROBERT BILBO WALKER at Reds Blues Club

Experience this blues entertainer at the iconic juke joint in Clarksdale

Robert "Bilbo" Walker at Red's Blues Club. 10-16-11. ©Delta Bohemian

Robert “Bilbo” Walker at Red’s Blues Club. 10-16-11. ©Delta Bohemian

By Magical Madge


If you have never seen this unique performer, then you need to go to Red’s Blues Club and hear Robert “Bilbo” Walker live, Saturday, September 19, 2015 in downtown Clarksdale. In the words of Roger Stolle, “Don’t miss the wig, suit, duckwalk and one-handed guitar playing.”

Thank you, Red Paden, for keeping the blues alive by opening your juke joint every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in Clarksdale and other special occasions, including tonight, Thursday, September 17th, with Big A.


Watch classic Robert Bilbo Walker performing October 16, 2011 at Red’s place.
That’s Big T on the bass.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”375″][/youtube]

Watch an interview with Bilbo and Cat Head Blues & Folk Art Founder Roger Stolle HERE.

398 Sunflower Avenue
Backed by the river
Fronted by the grave

Cash only.
Cold beer.
BYO spirits and wine.



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