Was Caroline Kennedy Really in Clarksdale, Mississippi?


Madge Marley Howell, E. B. Blackney and sistah Caroline Kennedy

Madge Marley Howell, E. B. Blackney and sistah Caroline Kennedy

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) –  PHOTO GALLERY IN POST – Believe it or not, Caroline Kennedy, while promoting her latest book “Listening In: The Secret White House Recordings of John F. Kennedy”, not only stopped in Clarksdale but she spoke to a large crowd. Lucky us! Caroline signed her books in Memphis, Oxford and Jackson but in Clarksdale she personally addressed a large audience.

Enjoy this little montage of photos from the picturesque lawn and interior of our beloved Cutrer Mansion. The Delta Bohemian was proud to be asked by writer and promoter E. B. Blakney to go behind the scenes to photograph Caroline and special guest James Meredith.

While visiting with Ms. Kennedy, I was taken aback….somewhat. Then Jon Levingston confirmed it. Caroline and I look like we could be sisters. Personalities……….opposite. But looks…………similar.

During all the behind-the-scenes excitement and my anxiety about having my camera settings right, I failed to mention to the guest celebrity that I had spent an evening at an intimate dinner party in Delhi, India with her sweet and amazingly handsome (think Christian Grey) brother, Little John John Kennedy. That was back in my design days with PUTUMAYO. Thanks, Dan Storper, for the memories.

-Magical Madge

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