Mr. February 2011 – Sharp Dressed Man in Clarksdale, MS

A snow day in the Mississippi Delta in Clarksdale, MS.

A snow day in the Mississippi Delta in Clarksdale, MS.

Sharp Dressed Man – Mr. February 2011

CLARKSDALE, Mississippi

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  1. I am sitting here laughing my head off. You guys are TOO FUNNY. Thanks for making my day. And how about this snow —AGAIN?!?!?!? Langdon and I have been burning up the cameras, taking way too many pictures of it. Sumner is beautiful (the town that town forgot)

  2. ^^Sorry about the Freudian slip – of course I meant “the town that time forgot.”

  3. Delilah Hollis says:

    The best laugh I’ve had in a long time – ya’ll are too much – keep it coming – Loved it.

  4. My two Tallahatchie County Womensfolk who BOTH possess a gift with the lens………LOVE IT! So glad we got a rise out of you with Mr. February. Thanks!

    I wanna see what you both get out of this 2011 Blizzard II. Lang, too!

    Oh, my beloved town of Sumner!

  5. Billy, I think your shirt had a mullet? There’s nothing sharper than duct tape. They say it fixes everything. In this case, it made my crap night end with a laugh. Can’t wait to see what else Mr.February is up to.

    signing it off…I mean,
    dusting it off.

  6. Felicia Carroll says:

    Two creative minds! Lol!
    Martha Jane’s baby!!!!!

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