Web Developer Matt Cromwell Features The Delta Bohemian

Web Developer Matt Cromwell and The Delta Bohemian collaborate.

Web Developer Matt Cromwell and The Delta Bohemian collaborate.

(Clarksdale, Mississippi)

When it comes to web publishing, I pretend to know what I am doing. But when it comes to web developing, I don’t know much. At all.

Back in October 2010 when the Delta Bohemian® was born, we were saved by my high school friend Cal Carter of Gulf Shores LifeCal graciously and generously donated his expertise and time to our fledgling idea called the DB and turned us into something that looked….legit. We’ve been struggling ever since to live up to the pedestal he placed us on.

Many posts later we still struggle to keep up with upgrades, updates, plugins and various other technical web stuff that I would rather ignore; let me just create and publish creative work and you won’t hear me complaining.

We leaned on Cal Carter so hard that, surely, his back started to hurt. Did you get those massage certificates we sent ya, Cal?

After awhile, I started feeling oh-so-guilty about asking Cal to help me with the website and the subsequent things I learned, then quickly forgot, then learned, then forgot, again, and again, and again, and so would have to ask him to explain it to me again, over and over and over. Again. I could only sugar coat my emails so much, ya know? So, I started looking around for an able person to hire who had the time to spend on us.

In stepped Matt! And Cal whispered, “Alleluia!”

Matt Cromwell. Web Developer. Historian. Teacher. Musician. Family Man. Matt is our new savior when it comes to all things on the web as it relates to our Delta Bohemian® website. And I screamed, “Alleluia!”

Working with this highly professional man was a pure joy and the tedious, and oftentimes, boring and not-much-fun task of upping the website became a breeze. (The way this guy communicates and keeps me on track is amazing AND he never loses patience with me.)

Matt has written a wonderful article about us, his FEATURED CLIENTS. Wow! You bless us, Matt. Thank you.

We are so pleased with the subtle changes Matt has made to enhance our website. We hope you like the way things look and we hope you will go and read the article about us (CLICK HERE) and check him out. Perhaps you may want to hire Matt to help you with your website too!

I placed this article under our category called ARTEESTS because Matt is one. He is an artist at his craft of web developing. I admire his skills and his diligence. He “gets stuff done!” MM

PS. Matt integrated a Business Partner/Friends of DB Advertising opportunity on our website too. Maybe someone will want to delve in and be a part of this quirky venture with us. We could sure use the support.  😎 😎

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