Let’s Meet at the Clarksdale Train Depot

Coahoma County Tourism Commission has a new location!

A cluster of friends around Poor William following the Barefoot Workshops premiere at Clarksdale Train Depot.

A cluster of friends around Poor William following the Barefoot Workshops premiere at Clarksdale Train Depot.



It wasn’t long ago Coahoma County Administrator Daniel Vassel told me, “Clarksdale has so many great places to meet!” For business or pleasure, this little Mississippi Delta town does have some unique gathering spots open throughout the work day. The two of us started to name a few in no particular order.

We listed Yazoo Pass, which happened to be where we were having a meeting at the time, Jerry’s Dreamboat Q, Stone Pony Pizza, Delta Amusement, Ground Zero Blues Club, Hambone Art & MusicHopson Commissary, Shack Up Inn, Resthaven, Abe’s BBQ, Guadalajara, The Ranchero, Atzimba and Carnegie Public Library. Daniel then proudly said, “We have one more! It’s the new headquarters for the Coahoma County and Clarksdale Tourism Commission at the Clarksdale Train Depot.”

Billy and I had heard rumblings about the Chamber of Commerce moving the tourism offices downtown but now it was actually a reality. Shortly thereafter we dropped in on the Director of Tourism Kappi Allen and Marketing Director Lisa Rhoden. They had been in the new locale for less than a week and already it was looking great! A pot of coffee was on the burner, brochures and magazines were displayed, comfortable lounge seating beckoned and a big conference table begged for excellent collaboration.

Kappi shared the future plans about the tourist spot and we ooohed and aaaahed at it all! Finally, a spot downtown that is open for our tourists to visit and linger a while. Free wi-fi makes it very inviting for those traveling, too. Events were part of the future plans and one such event just took place.

Barefoot Workshops hosted it’s student’s works from their recent documentary photography and film workshops at the Clarksdale Train Depot. The popular event moved from it’s prior location at the Shack Up Inn to the new visitor destination. It seemed fitting, was convenient and, other than a little bottleneck at the entrance into the room, it worked beautifully.

The large space had an intimate feel with the chairs set up in somewhat of a semi-circle. When I glanced across the room, I was astounded at the collection of people in the room, many of which I knew but from varying places. Being in that room together felt…..exciting! A feeling of gratefulness overwhelmed me, so much so that after the founder of Barefoot Workshops, Chandler Griffin, finished his many thank you’s, I jumped up and thanked him for hosting his popular conferences in Clarksdale and, especially, for bringing us all together.

Afterward the event many of us lingered, enjoying the fellowship and good feelings. It got so good to us all that Kappi had to eventually shoo us out of the place. I long for more events there and for future gatherings in Clarkdale where creativity is celebrated and hugs, laughter and good cheer follow.

Hey, wait! There is another event on the immediate horizon! You’re Invited, if you call 662-627-6149 and make a reservation, to the Opening Celebration of the Historic Clarksdale Train Depot, home of the new Coahoma County Tourism Commission. Thursday, March 12, 2015 from 4pm – 8pm. 326 Blues Alley, Clarksdale. Music by Blackwater Trio, cuisine by local chefs, and complimentary deep south libations. All Aboard?!

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  1. Thank you SO much for this! I look forward to many more great times at The Clarksdale Station Depot. Everyone please come visit our offices on March 12th!!!

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