Look Good, Feel Good…. – by Corinne Vance

Corinne Vance in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - photo by Andrea Finni

Corinne Vance in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – photo by Andrea Finni

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Corinne Vance

Look Good, Feel Good…

Confidence is a lot more than just a mind set. Right? Or is confidence just the attitude of being proud of who you are and not letting anyone tell you different? Is it that simple?  Or, is there more to this picture of a happy you?

I am a pretty confident gal. I feel good in my own skin, but sometimes I think my confidence gets a kick-start if I also feel good in my clothes. Is it vain to say that material items make me feel good? I would be lying if I said they didn’t. So, what does that mean for my morality and my faith?

I love myself, but I think that is important when it comes to being able to love others and God. Who knows, call me crazy, but when I take the time to wash my hair, put on some lip-gloss and a new pair of shorts, I feel good. I stand a little taller and smile a little brighter when my spirit matches my appearance.

The days I don’t have the time for anything other than brushing my teeth, putting on the clothes I wore the day before, and not getting to check the mirror until I get in the car (8:00 am class kinda days) my attitude is altered; I am quiet. Instead of keeping my head up and smiling at people I pass, I look at the ground and all I can think about is getting back to my apartment.

Does this mean that on these days my confidence happens to have taken a vacation? Is your confidence just as vulnerable to your emotions as you are?

Some people are more self-assured than others, but I think confidence is more closely related to happiness, joy, anger and sadness than it is to height, eye color, and skin tone. Saying “I am confident,” is a bit of a stretch, don’t ya think? If you are anything like me, some days are better than others.

Just like working out and eating right to keep your body healthy, I think it is just as important to find the things that make your confidence healthy. Spend a little time for yourself doing things you WANT to do. There is a healthy medium between forgetting to love yourself back and loving yourself too much. We are supposed to love all God’s creations, correct? So why should we forget about ourselves? Because, when you look good, you feel good, and you love even better.


I saw this clip the other night on E! and it sparked the initial notion about this article. Kelly Osborne talks about how she has kept off her weight loss, and one way she did so was by making sure she felt good about the way she looked while in the gym, being “that girl” that wears makeup to the gym.

So, why don’t we pick our poison… Mine is the feeling of breaking in a new pair of shoes or coordinating a cute outfit with my new top, but there are tons of ways to love yourself back. Take a monthly trip to the spa, get a weekly mani pedi, get a new perfume, start taking the time to take care of your skin. Whatever it may be that makes you feel like a million bucks, do it! Because feeling good about yourself opens up more doors than you realize!

Here are websites that are my poison along with my daily regimen for skin health.






































I use Bonnie Holmes skin care products every morning and night. Taking care of your skin helps boost your confidence on those days when putting on makeup isn’t an option. Bonnie Holmes is available at Amy Head Cosmetics and select stores in New York.

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Corinne Vance with her roommates in Oxford, all students at the University of Mississippi.

Corinne Vance with her roommates in Oxford, all students at the University of Mississippi.

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