Billy Lee sings “You So Fine” at double quick on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Clarksdale – the Heart of the Mississippi Delta

Billy Lee sings at Double Quick on Martin Luther King in Clarksdale

Billy Lee sings at Double Quick on Martin Luther King in Clarksdale



My daddy always said – “God wants you to make a joyful noise; he doesn’t care what it sounds like. He likes praise and thanksgivings offered up in song. He’s listening for it.” Billy Lee gets it.

Billy Lee Abbott is often seen leaning on a gas pump at the double quick in Clarksdale at the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Desoto Avenue. The DELTA BOHEMIAN had a quick visit with Mr. Abbott recently while filling up. Billy Lee serenades the passers-by.

If you are in Clarksdale and need some gas or a beverage or some somepin’ from a double quick, a quick stop, a kum and go, and fetch-it-and-grab-it type store, then make a point to visit this particular spot in Clarksdale and show Billy Lee some love.

Side Note: My mother – Tonya “Tootsie” Marley back in the 70’s or so kept a running list of all the inventive, creative names for stores popping up all around such as double quick. Her list contained 50+ names. Where is that list today? I wish I knew.

Enjoy! Clarksdale is the heart of the Mississippi Delta.


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  1. billy t says:

    Hello, I hear you are from around the los angeles area. I live up in the Santa Clarita area, if you are ever up this way, you are more than welcome to come by. I have been going down to Helena/C’dale since ’04, and only missed last year for the Biscuit. Feel free to give me a call at 661 904 0116……….take care….billyt

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