Law and Order Matters

Stop the Crazy Shit! Please! By Poor William “At his best, man is the noblest of all animals: separated from law and justice he is the worst.” — Aristotle, who was not a dumbass  🙂 The worm has turned in the United States, and not for the better. No pretty butterflies exiting cocoons here! Too […]

Billy Lee sings “You So Fine” at double quick on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Clarksdale – the Heart of the Mississippi Delta

DADDY ALWAYS SAID – MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE VIDEO IN POST My daddy always said – “God wants you to make a joyful noise; he doesn’t care what it sounds like. He likes praise and thanksgivings offered up in song. He’s listening for it.” Billy Lee gets it. Billy Lee Abbott is often seen leaning […]

Juke Joint Love

By WILLIAM PRENTISS It had been over a year to no avail. Simone and Darryl never met, even then. She had been on stage and he had been hungrily eyeing her– not a morality-leaching hunger, but one of expectancy laced with awe–from behind the fellow in the crazy-ass hat. Simone had never been stopped dead […]