Red’s Blues Club in Clarksdale hosts Dingo’s Birthday Party 2012

Magical Madge Marley Howell and Dingo at Red's Blues Club in Clarksdale. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

Magical Madge Marley Howell and Dingo at Red’s Blues Club in Clarksdale. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEO INCLUDED Ain’t no party like a Dingo party ‘cause a Dingo party don’t stop!  —  DJ Dingo (Red’s Buddy)

The Delta Bohemians love us some Dingo! Dingo? Isn’t that an Australian dog? As a matter of fact it is, but it is also the name of a sweet, Clarksdale “playa” who is as much a part of the decorum at Red’s as is Red. Red and Dingo are buddies, and we have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love ‘em some Dingo!

Every year Red throws a Dingo Birthday Bash around the middle of January at his blues lounge located at the corner of MLK Blvd. and Sunflower Avenue. Always included are some kick-ass blues, heaping helpings of some mighty fine barbequed vittles, an endless supply of beer, musicians taking the stage one after another, and this year a 12-year-old child and blues guitar prodigy–Christone “Kingfish” Ingram.

It’s always a party! Looking for some authentic Blues, Red’s is the spot and Dingo is the Man! No kidding, the red lighting you see in the video is natural lighting! Red knows how to make Red’s, well, red!

Enjoy some wicked blues and an interview with George Costanza! I swear I think it is him; he said his name was Jamie and he was on a Merchant Marine ship with Delta Bohemian semi-fixture and way-cool chick and owner of the New Roxy, Robin Colonas, when they were attacked on the high seas by Pirates! No shit!

George (I will call him such) was sleeping down below while Robin single-handedly “BEAT  THAT PIRATE ASS!” ONLY a slight exaggeration I use! But mostly a true story! George was in town and came as a result of Robin having told him what a cool place Clarksdale is. Robin we miss ya; come home soon, and thanks for sending so many folks to the birthplace of the Blues—Clarksdale, Mississippi!

Dingo, Red, Robin, George, Stan, Scooter, Ellis, Piano Red, etc. we love y’all! RED’S Y’ALL!


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