Radioland: Sensitive About Being Sensitive


Radioland: Sensitive About Being Sensitive

By Poor William

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Poor William is sensitive! That is an indisputable fact and a metaphysical certitude. He is quite manly–of this he is certain.

The Delta Bohemian and Mary Ann "Action Jackson" at GZBC. Photo by DB.

The Delta Bohemian and Mary Ann "Action Jackson" at GZBC. Photo by DB.

The opining lad has facial hair except where he has pulled it out during stressful moments. He drinks scotch with just a hint of water, unless his wallet is missing pictures of dead presidents–he has rarely seen Ben Franklin in print—then his nectar comes in thin plastic bottles. And, he is often mistaken for Fabio due to his enormous pectorals (okay, man breasts) and lengthening locks. He is quite manly. I can attest to this as the one who hangs around him most, and that being no easy task.

While living in Nuevo Mexico, Poor William’s good friend’s wife referred to the ignoble one as being the “most sensitive man she knew.” It was not a euphemism for being too sensitive, nor was it a complete pejorative; it was just a fact. He is a rather sensitive thing for being a tougher-than-nails (toenails) rugged individualist.

Yesterday, Poor William was hanging around the fellows who felled a dying tree believed to be more than 100-years old. The monstrous oak is located next to the front porch of the Clark House Residential Inn located in downtown Clarksdale. Fascinated by the stump grinder, he edged a little too closely to the swirling sawdust. Boom! The left eye became irritated and the eyeball felt scratchy. Poor William.

After the eye became red and inflamed, Poor William was visiting some friends who were both smoking cigarettes in a small room. The irritation was compounded. Upon arriving back at the office of The Delta Bohemian, he proceeded to tell his lovely bride of mythical proportions that his eye was messed up—only a slight use of hyperbole.

What ensued was Magical Madge’s Herculean effort to convince Poor William that he was indeed sensitive and that it was a good thing. Listen to the recording and you be the judge. Just be tender, because I am rather sensitive! 🙂

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  1. Love me some Radio Land PW & MM. It’s been a while. Thanks! BTY- PW, I bet you were not very sensitive in the early morning hours (5:00 AM’ish) of Thursday 12/29/11 when you assumed I had stood y’all up on a hunt, were you? My ears were burning Man! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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