Mississippi Delta Bohemian’s Mr. June 2011 – Pond and Garden

Mississippi Delta Bohemian’s


Mr. June 2011


Pond and Garden


The Delta Bohemian Mr. June 2011 - Pond and Garden. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

The Delta Bohemian Mr. June 2011 - Pond and Garden. Photo by The Delta Bohemian


Poor William is back and hotter, thinner and thicker than ever as The Delta Bohemian’s Mr. June 2011. From pond to garden and back again, Poor William remains unexplainable. Tune in, enjoy, and hide the children. But, remember, everybody loves somebody sometime and Poor William and The Delta Bohemian love you.

Don’t forget the panties….. 😛


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  1. Again, I am speechless!

  2. Sue Bell says:

    You definitely amuse me and are getting crazier! Looking forward to having you in my class if I start one for adults! Really, I’d love to see your pond when you have time. It looks fabulous! Hope the kids are doing fine!

    • I can’t imagine the IEP you could write for me Dear! I miss ya! The one day I come to Sherard, you are gone! I hope you got your book I left for you out there? We are flying out to Idaho for my oldest daughter’s graduation late this week and then flying back with the kids! Thanks for mentioning them! Pond will, hopefully, be completed within a week and I would love to have you down! Miss ya darlin’!

  3. Reminds me of that episode from Seinfeld when Kramer and George’s dad came up with the idea of a brassiere for men… The man bra… The “Mansiere!” Or, the lack there of.

  4. Jane Tucker Bond says:

    Swooning to the point that I may have to have a nitroglycerine tablet or two!

  5. Nice – thinking about changing the Coahoma Living cover now!

    • Matt, forgot to drop off t-shirt! Will do manana! I thought you wanted to place Coahoma Living in a bevy of businesses? If you change the cover to reflect my enormity, you likely will be left with cases of them! HA! See you soon! I appreciate ya! PW

  6. Some one has been “Lying To Your Ass”. Maybe, just maybe,you should “Do As I Do” and confine your singing to the shower or Very,Very,Very early A.M. hours. When we “ALL” look and sound good after several libations of your choosing. Jus-Sayin Dog!!!

    As Willy so eloquently put it “Went to bed at two with a ten and woke up at ten with a two”.

  7. It’s not easy being a Metro-Redneck when it’s this hot.

  8. Redneck is Redneck! Regardless of one’s address or temperature. Example: A not to be disclosed friend’s Dad (Now Deceased), kept a half gallon of Charter behind the seat of his pick-up 24/7 (this helped ease the pain of watching everything his farm hands destroyed each day) as well as having two young boys (also undisclosed) working the summers opperating very expensive farm equipment and tearing -up their share of “Shit” too!

    I had become a young, married, and Sometimes Adult, husband and father when my friend’s Dad succomed to sirrosis. You would not believe the people that have came up to me over the years and said ” I did not know So & So had a problem with Drink. I never recall seeing him Drunk”. My reply, “You never saw him drunk because you never saw him sober”.

    Same with Rednecks. You cannot turn Redneck “On or Off” be it Metro, Rural or Cosmopolitan! Nothing to worry about Ken, “We is what we is”. For my money, I will stick with my redneck’s forever.

  9. Hahahahahaha. Now I have to go rinse my corneas.

    • Rinse them because you want to see all that Garden and Pond eye candy clearer or because it was so distressing that you feel as if the eyes need a saline bath? I choose to think it was because of all that eye candy! HA! 🙂

  10. Dat’s some funny “S*#T. Hna , LD? ” Rince My Corneas” ? Think I will too! Sounds good. Then a Ten Old Charter and Charter ( a pretty DAMN good Redneck Whiskey) as far as I am concerned.

    • I thought I had it all when I drank Dixie Beer with Little Swampy, the runt of the Swamp Rat litter. Evidently you good ol’ boys have a bevy of spirits I’ll have to sample one of these days.

  11. I twittered it over to Anthony Weiner. You should be getting a “response” from him soon.

  12. Is he your Rep. LD?

    • Fortunately, no. However, I believe (Richard Simmons and) I may have lived in what is now his district in Queens about 30 years ago. On this side of the river we have politicians with much greater moral character. Take for example our former governor, John McGreevy, who never met a truck stop he didn’t like.

  13. L.D.Can’t buy “Old Charter” above The Mason Dixon. The thing I have always found strange is Old Charter is made in Louisville, KY and you can’t buy it there either. “Knob Creek” it is not,but I have been drinking it better than 30 years.

    I was on my way up to The City for the annual “Mississippi Picnic In The Park” and something(Can’t say here) what ruined my plans (ask Mckee how P.O.’d I am. Not on this site, Please). Planned this for two months and had only told McKee and P.W.) intended to get in touch with you to Meet & Greet. Wanted to show you how Ole Miss folks do things.

    Maybe next year! “The Hopper” got me this time.

  14. haha this guy could have a very successfull career hosting his own
    “mr. Rogers” kind of show…but more…weird. He’s such a redneck, it’s incredible. Thanks for posting the video.

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