Lucious Spiller Band at Red’s Lounge in Clarksdale

Kickin' Off a New Year of Blues for Twenty Fifteen

Lucious Spiller at Red's Lounge in Clarksdale

Lucious Spiller at Red’s Lounge in Clarksdale


Clarksdale, Mississippi


“I really didn’t shoot her; I just kicked her to the curb!” — Lucious Spiller

Last year’s Solo International Blues Challenge second place winner, the indomitable Lucious Spiller, gave a rave performance Saturday night at Red’s Lounge in downtown Clarksdale. I no longer record at Red’s but every blue moon, and there was a blue moon tonight at the coolest juke joint in the known and unknown universe.

One knows when local musicians come to hear other musicians play that there are some wicked riffs being laid down like railroad track on high ground. Stan and Dixie Street, Bones, new duo—Cactus and Stud (T-Model Ford’s grandson), Josh “Razorblade” Stewart, and Omar were all up in the house. Dingo, Ellis (Super Chikan’s dancing-ass brother), Otto, Sandy and Ed, Cat Head Blues & Folk Art owner Roger Stolle, along with Red and his faithful Big Charles and Antonio, and folks I can’t remember, all had a ball!

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A multitude of local blues lovers accompanied by guests from all over enjoyed an exceptional performance by Lucious and company. Lucious brought his long-time dawg and drummer Skeet with him and his bass-playin’ podna Joel. All three together are tighter than a mosquito’s ass stretched over a hubcap. I ain’ lyin’!

Poor William, the surreptitious one, recorded unbeknownst to anybody the last part of Lucious’s bad-ass rendition of Jimmy Hendrix’s “Hey Joe,” which culminated with a shout out to Glory Hallelujah and Lucious confirming that he had indeed not shot Joe’s Ole lady down, but just kicked her ass to the curb! Delta Blues y’all; it’s thug nasty and reverent at the same time! Check it out!

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    The one and only-Lucious Spiller! Mark River

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