“Gahh! That sucks!”

Corinne Vance and Friends

Corinne Vance with her Friends

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) By CORINNE VANCE

In life there are speed bumps, no matter how hard you try to avoid them. Similar to any highway, a lifetime has its share of rocky moments. There will be pebbles quickly bypassed that are barely noticed and forgotten. Also, there will be potholes that jerk the wheel right out of your hands and throw off your alignment. You can count on these major obstacles making the journey a little less smooth. Moments like these simply suck. So, what do we do about them?

Sometimes it’s a failing marriage, an untruthful friend, a job you hate, too many bills to pay, being judged unfairly, sick loved ones, etc., the list could go on for days. These “sucky” moments are when we need guidance the most. When I find myself on the side of the Highway of Life with a flat tire, no service on my phone, and no hope, I look for advice from someone. I’ll explain my situation and I usually end with something along the lines of “What do I do?”

This is my desperate cry for help in my moment of powerlessness. I open myself up hoping for a heart-felt, well-thought-out piece of advice, and what do I get? “Gahh! That sucks!” Well, no kidding.

All I get back is a useless piece of information I already knew from the start. You wouldn’t be surprised if this response was coming from teenagers or someone uninterested, neither would I, but it’s not just the adolescent teens. Believe it or not this is a phrase used by my shrink and often might I add.

Have we let our hectic lives dilute our compassion for what others are going through? Have our busy schedules and pity problems made us care less for the ones we say we care for the most?

Those “sucky” moments are when our friends need us the most. Don’t leave them feeling hopeless. Remember that life isn’t always a piece of cake for yourself or your friends. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Let the people you care about the most know it. Life is much shorter than we realize.

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  1. Chastodon says:

    I loved reading this. It couldn’t have came at a better time for me. Sometimes, those you think that will be there for you to return the favor of your lending hand and open heart are sometimes the ones that turn their back on you. & You are right, so many people throw these pity tantrums and blah blah blah and forget that someone close to them may need someone to just “be there”. Sometimes, all it takes is a 30 minute conversation to lift you up and that’s not a lot of time out of anyone’s day. I don’t care who you are, everyone needs a friend.

    Nice post, Corrine.

  2. Corinne Vance says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s wonderful to hear that it was helpful for you! I hope you keep reading the DB!

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