Fight or Flight: Love Ain’t Easy

Corinne Vance and Jane Howell. Photo by DB

Corinne Vance and Jane Howell. Photo by DB

By Corinne Vance
(Clarksdale, Mississippi)

Do you run like Hell or fight for what you want? Where do you draw the line? At what point are your wants overruled by what’s best for you. Everyone knows that love is complicated and never perfect but how complicated and imperfect does it have to become for you to walk away? One chance, two chances, three chances, four? At what point do you run out of goodbyes?

A broken heart is more painful than any physical wound imaginable. It aches and burns so deep down that all you can do is wait. There’s no medication or cure for love lost, but there should be. I am only 18, but I have seen one broken heart after another, mine included. Why do we allow so much pain into our hearts?

I have watched my tears fall from my tired eyes and land on the screen of my phone while begging the undeserving fool to take me back time and time again. And now that its over and I’ve moved past the storm, I look back and wonder why it took me so long.

Every time I told myself I wouldn’t fall for his spell again, but I did. I kept telling myself, “maybe this time it will be different,” or “he seems like he really means it this time,” but I knew it would end the same. So what was my problem? Why didn’t I kick him to the curb the first time?

Saying goodbye is scary. It leaves your future completely unknown. The only thing that is guaranteed is the pain you will feel from moving on. But is that enough reason to hang on to something that clearly isn’t going to work. Even though hanging on is easier and more predictable, it’s a waste of time. Yes, moving on and heartbreak are terrible and almost unbearable, but if you give it some time your heart will start to find all it’s pieces again and the pain will only be a forgotten memory. The only thing left will be the opportunity for a brighter future. Don’t be held back by fear, search for true happiness.

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