Festival premiers Will Goss feature film CLARKSDALE plus much, much more!

WILL GOSS on location filming CLARKSDALE Summer 2013

WILL GOSS on location filming CLARKSDALE Summer 2013

By Magical Madge

(CLARKSDALE, Mississippi)

Have you ever seen him–the skinny dude from Clarksdale who dons white spectacles and possesses a multitude of artistic abilities?

Some have described him as an Underground Experimental Filmmaker, Musician, Writer, Screenwriter, Director, Actor and Mississippi Delta boy. He can now include Teacher. (He is the new Film Professor at Jackson Academy in Jackson, Mississippi.) Personally, I want to add bright, sweet, thoughtful, quirky, fun, driven, bohemian, mod, young, adorable and avant-gard to the list. What’s his name? Will Goss

Check out his website now. http://www.williamcgoss.com/ Need I say more?

Will is debuting his newest feature film CLARKSDALE at the 4th Annual Clarksdale Film Festival on Saturday, January 25th at Channel Zilch (on Third Street next to OXBOW between Yazoo and Delta Avenue. The show starts at 8pm shortly after an assortment of his music videos air between 7:30 and 8. The film is described as “a story of a father, a son and a bomb.”  You will see many Clarksdale sites plus Goss uses numerous local actors, include moi. Guess where I will be Saturday night? Here is a trailer for the movie.

Will wrote the screenplay for CLARKSDALE and told me it is a loose adaptation on his favorite novel of all time, Andrei Bely’s Petersburg. Russian-born novelist Vladimir Nagokov, who wrote Lolita, claimed that Petersburg (published in 1913) was “one of the greatest novels of the 20th century.” However, Soviets condemned forward-thinking, avant-gard literature so the novel never received the attention it deserved.

Clarksdale’s Film Festival is featuring a multitude of other movies showing all over downtown Clarksdale. After perusing the list, it will be difficult to see all I want to see.

Cathead’s Roger Stolle has selected several Delta Bohemian® films to share with his festivalgoers. Perhaps you will follow the red carpet and come watch them with us?! Poor William will be there.

Friday, January 24, Delta Cinema Upstairs Theater, 2pm: Clarksdale: One Word (9:05) by The Delta Bohemian®

Friday, January 24, Channel Zilch, 5pm: Shout Out to Australia (5:31) and Clarksdale Welcomes Australians (11:39) by The Delta Bohemian®

I ALMOST FORGOT!!! 😯 Our friends, Clarksdale born Marilyn Trainor Storey (MS Design Maven) and new Clarksdale resident Eric Stoneare previewing their new store at our former Delta Bohemian Gift Shop location at 233 Delta Avenue. Drop by to have a nibble, drink a few and see and hear what they have in store for you in 2014! Exciting stuff will be going on at the DOGLEG GALLERY (featuring a show of Photographs by Bill Steber) and MAVEN IN COAHOMA (Interior Design and Literary Salon).

(PS. Our retail shop is still up and going online at shop.deltabohemian.com! 😎  )

Check out the full Clarksdale Film Festival lineup !

Will Goss in his element

Will Goss in his element

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