Red’s Lounge on a Friday Night in Clarksdale

Lucious Spiller Shares the Love

Lucious Spiller performing at Red's Lounge in Clarksdale with Stan Street on harp

Lucious Spiller performing at Red’s Lounge in Clarksdale with Stan Street on harp



Hey Man, I know we did a post on the Delta Bohemian® two weeks ago on Lucious Spiller at Red’s Lounge, but sometimes there’s more to something. And here it tis…

Before Red’s Lounge regulars start hollerin’ at ya boy about doin’ a little recording when it is expressly forbidden, let me explain. I got a short dispensation to unobtrusively gather a low-key clip or two. So now! Don’t be whuppin’ on my fat ass!

Dorothy might have thought there was no place like home in Kansas, but for Magical Madge and Poor William, Red’s Lounge is a home away from home. We do not go out to hear live tunes as often as we used to: Done got old as Junior Kimbrough liked to sing and there just ain’ enough folks booking Delta Bohemian Back Road Excursions and Pedicab Tours during this temperamental winter season. So, feed the pig! Book a DB Tour!

Last year’s Solo International Blues Challenge second place winner Lucious Spiller, categorically one of the most gifted musicians and entertainers anywhere, was playing last night at Red’s Lounge in downtown Clarksdale. It is always a treat to hear him never play the same songs the same way twice.

What really set apart last nights gig was Lucious’s willingness to share the stage with other musicians and the manner in which he complimented them. His drummer and podna from Little Rock, Skeet, was back on drums with local drummer Lee “Pocketknife” Williams playing bass with Lucious for the first time. Lee just picked up the bass two years ago and did a kick-ass job following Lucious—not an easy thing to do.


Young hill country blues drummer, Carl “Stud” White, grandson of T-Model Ford, and his buddy, Jeriah “Cactus” Stcyr—who just started playing together and are the face of the younger gen jammin’ in the Delta—were in the house to hear Lucious and company. I was kickin’ it with Lee, Skeet, Cactus and Stud outside during a break and it was refreshing to hear them talking about how much they enjoyed hearing Lucious play. It is not always the case to hear artists complimenting one another.

After the break, Lucious brought Stan “Dead End” Street—owner of Hambone Gallery where live blues is heard every Tuesday night—up to play harmonica. Cactus jumped on the electric guitar and Stud replaced Skeet for a few songs on drums while Lucious switched to bass. Later in the evening—well past the witching hour and Delta Bohemian bedtime—Omar, another young local, played a while on guitar.

For a slow weekend in the MS Delta, Red’s had the perfect crowd—enough room to sit, stand or roam—filled with IBC tourists down from Memphis and the usual suspects: Drummer Dixie Street, Red Paden, Dr. Dingo The Australian Dog (back on track), Ellis (Super Chikan’s dancing-machine brother), Bonnie Renkel, Rachel Bouer, Läna Von Mac Hui, Eric Stone, Cat Head’s Roger Stolle, Quapaw’s Mark River Peoples, Bones, The Shack Up Inn’s Joey Young, Allen Johnson and Emily Rodriguez, along with Big Charles, Madge, Poor William and a few more customers likely escaping my addled noggin.

Please enjoy the low-tech-done-almost-on-the-spot video montage Madge put together. It rocks! (See above VIDEO) pw

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