Dr. Sharony Green Visits Clarksdale

First Lady Francine Luckett shows the professor The Clark House

Francine Luckett, University of Alabama professor Dr. Sharony Green and her husband John Beeler

Francine Luckett, University of Alabama professor Dr. Sharony Green and her husband professor John Beeler



Wednesday morning late, I was about to sneak over to Oxford for a couple of hours with wife, Magical Madge, to get my mountain bike fixed and to purchase one for Madge, when I noticed two very cute ladies out front with a distinguished looking man! What’s a fella to do, but check it out!

Twas my friend Francine, wife of Clarkdale Mayor Bill Luckett, with a beautiful lady, colorfully dressed in a sublime hat accompanied by her husband, John Beeler. Graciousness oozed from this group of folks.

Francine’s friend, Dr. Sharony Green, is an assistant professor of History at the University of Alabama, where she studies and teaches race, gender and urban history, “examining changes in city life, specifically how people are arranged in space and how they connect with one another.” She has a blog called the Nineteenth Century City.

Sharony and John, also a professor at Alabama, had just left Oxford, where she presented a paper at the University of Mississippi William Faulkner & Yoknaptawpha Conference.

We had a brief, but delightful discussion on complexity, continuity and race in the Mississippi Delta. Please check out Sharony’s blog about her visit to Clarksdale, the Clark House, Yazoo Pass Restaurant, and watch the short interview with her. Please pay no attention to the pic of the ever-so-slightly-swollen innkeeper in front of the Clark House! Serendipity reigns in Clarksdale. pw  🙂


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