Consumed by Him the Addict

A Poem by Slim Gravy

Consumed by Him the Addict

Consumed by Him the Addict

Consumed by Him the Addict

A time to think
A time to drink
Better to seek the prior
Combustion said
Goes to the head
Of the seeking outlier

Outcroppings draw
The screeching maw
‘Scaping the widow’s pyre
Her bread is gone
Her lot forlorn
Why did he choose the latter?

The widow’s mite
Has little fight
When her covering is gone
The addict’s breath
Sadly bereft
For concern beyond himself

He meant no harm
Too long the arm
Reaching for what is folly
Some hold it well
Some heed the swell
Of that which would capsize ‘em

Underlings die
When raw the rye
Consumed by him the addict
The widow may
Still save the day
By calling upon the Lord

Our only hope
How long the rope
From His hands unto ours
As long as is
As long as His
Eternity before us

We need but heed
The broken reed
The one that still confines us
He’ll never bruise
He’ll never ruse
The tender ones who seek Him

The addict and
His widow’s hand
Are never beyond His reach
But both must strive
To stay alive
Relinquishing all to Him

The addict may
Still be okay
If he will just surrender
The addict may
Not have his way
If he is to surrender…


A Poem by Slim Gravy


Featured photograph is a watercolor painting by John Ruskey of Poor William swimming in the Mississippi River at night beneath the full Dewberry Moon.

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