Being Southern

A Poem by Slim Gravy

Being Southern

Being Southern. Turtle in the Mississippi Delta

Being Southern

The first one said
Went to my head
I’m inherently lazy

She may be right
And what a fright
For one who’s worked all his life

My idle comes
Not from a bum
But from just being Southern

We till the land
Eschew the Man
And love our time for thinking

We chew and spit
Don’t give a shit
‘Bout things that don’t concern us

Oh, grouse we might
But in the light
Where hidden things don’t prosper

Not too afraid
Stoic and staid
Wanton in our excesses

To understand
The Southern Man
It takes more than a minute

We want it all
Our Siren’s call
The one that sure defines us

Randy and coy
Our Mama’s boy
Yet rife with vim and venom

We’ll scratch for cat
Yet pass the hat
For kin and for the stranger

Complex we are
Feathers and tar
Amidst our understanding

God and soldier
Make us bolder
And much better than we are

For kith and kin
We’ll commit sin
Though we do know the better

Staunch on fight day
We’ll hold the sway
For what we perceive is right

But sans the fight
It jus’ ain’ right
To avoid contemplation

So when you fear
A Rebel’s cheer
Thank God that we’re amongst you!


A Poem by Slim Gravy

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