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Delta Bohemians Suzie Kremser and Toddy Cameron along with Janet Coursin on a bridge in Amsterdam asking you Watcha Gonna Do?! Thanks for the love all the way back here in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, Clarksdale.

Delta Bohemians Suzie Kremser and Toddy Cameron along with Janet Coursin on a bridge in Amsterdam asking you Watcha Gonna Do?! Thanks for the love all the way back here in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, Clarksdale.

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Ok, it’s another week in Clarksdale and Coahoma County and beyond. Have we done ANYTHING? Well, not much but a little. What ranks WAY up there is Delta Bohemian Clifford Davis’s impromptu serenade while hangin’ in Rust Restaurant’s Bar. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Also, Magical Madge made a quick visit to Oxford to the up and coming Oxford Blues Festival, in it’s second year. Maude Schuyler Clay has submitted a couple of photos from The Lyric where she and her lovely daughter, Anna, had their picture taken with Magic Slim who was a featured performer.

Magical Madge and Poor William attended the new BRUNCH being offered at the Juke Joint Chapel on Sundays by the lovely, magnificent chicks known as Heather (HOT) and Rebecca (WAY COOL). The menu is simple….each dish is $5 bucks. We opted for a Fried Egg Sandwich with lettuce, tomato and avocado plus a Corned Beef Hash concoction with an over easy egg. The atmosphere is WAY COOL and LAID BACK and WANNA LIVE THERE and GOTTA HAVE IT and GUY AND BILL HAVE GOT IT GOING ON kinda way. Anyway, we highly suggest you TRY THIS BRUNCH THING OUT. Keep in mind they are in the infancy stages. Uncle Mal is contemplating adding a cooktop downstairs to assist in their prep and for future guests who need a place for catering events.

Magical Madge attended the local Coahoma County Forum for candidates at the Courthouse in Clarksdale. Many local candidates spoke and the event was well attended. Check out a few photos we took at the event. We were unable to include photos of all the candidates. Please visit the Coahoma County, MS website for a listing of all candidates. The Delta Bohemian is showing no partiality for any candidate in this posting. Good luck to all candidates!

We heard that Roger Stolle’s book Hidden History of Mississippi Blues is going to be published in ITALIANO! What a wonderful thing, Roger. Congrats. AND…. Roger’s new Teaser Trailer for his and Jeff Konkel’s documentary WE JUKE UP IN HERE is now ready to view. Enjoy!

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Delta Bohemian and Photographer Maude Schuyler Clay Featured at OGDEN MUSEUM OF SOUTHERN ART in their new exhibit


Opening Night: White Linen Night, Saturday, August 6, 2011, 6pm – 9pm

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Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival

Friday – Sunday, August 12, 13 & 14

Clarksdale, MS

The Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival is Clarksdale’s world-famous festival. It features all the local/regional “real-deal” blues acts you love… plus some headliners, usually with Mississippi connections.

ALSO, plan to enjoy related events all week long at the clubs and jukes — as well as the Cat Head Mini Blues Fest II that Sunday (252 Delta Ave.).

Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival in Clarksdale, MS. August 12-14, 2011

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BLUESBERRY CAFE (Yazoo Street, Clarksdale, 662-627-7008)

Monday Spaghetti night: Live music with Sean “Bad” Apple

You never know what surprise musicians will show up here!

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Monday nights: Acoustic music with RONNIE DREW and complimentary hors d’oeuvres!

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Tuesdays nights: live blues or roots music. 7:00PM til

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Saturdays: (non-event weekends) PIANO RED 12:00PM

CHECK OUT Cat Head’s amazing listing of LIVE MUSIC IN THE DELTA.

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Corner of  Sunflower Avenue and MLK Dr.

Saturday, July 30th – Big Jack Johnson Memorial Birthday Tribute w/Mark “Mule Man” Massey and others

Live Music Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Often Red’s has music on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights.

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Thursday, July 28 – Cole Parker – 7:00pm

Friday, July 29 – Driftwood Singers from Los Angeles – 7:30pm


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Check GZBC website for up-to-date information on Live Music, Wednesday-Saturday.

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  1. Gordon Yamamoto says:

    Oh, I’m so excited about the new brunch feature at The Juke Joint Chapel! I can testify that Rebecca is a top-notch service person, and by the time I get back there, all of the opening wrinkles will be ironed out…including available champagne flights, or BYOMS, etc. Keep us informed!!

  2. Gordon Yamamoto says:

    Also, love your RUST videos: “You Are My Sunshine?”…who knew?!!

  3. So… “You Are My Sunshine” was about a horse. I truly learn something new every day! Thanks y’all for the great photos, info and (of course) Cat Head project mentions. You are amazingly up to date… since the Beardens you show in your slide show above were JUST IN MY STORE saying they’d met the Delta Bohemians a couple hours ago.

  4. Gordon and Roger,
    Y’all are my sunshine!! 😎

  5. Eggleston with “A Ready Roll” and “Classic Pidgeon Grade O/U”. Great Photo Maudie! Where is bro/ Aiden? Haven’t heard from him since he left Lee Academy. Always thought he was way cool. He was a senior when P.W. and myself were 7th graders. FYI-I have admired your work for years. Big Fan!!!!

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