Whuppin’ Dat Ass Mississippi Delta Style

Reflections on the duality of man

"Poor William" Billy Howell

Delta Bohemian® “Poor William” Billy Howell



Is “ass-whuppin Christian” an oxymoron? You bet! Why is it so many of us give in to our sinful nature when we get pissed off and want to whup (or in my case, try to whup…) some ass when we become angry at somebody? Jeez, just when I think God has talked to me about being gentle, kind, and humble, I get tested, and I always seem to loose the battle of “treating others like I want to be treated!” It’s one of the many complex contradictions and paradoxes found in Delta living! Hear an unrehearsed audio of moi dealing with his sorry self! Lord help me! pw

Poor William pontificates after watching the movie Out Of The Furnacestarring Christian Bale and Woody Harrelson, and wonders why he often considers whuppin’ dat ass Mississippi Delta style.

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