Who Defines Crazy

Breakfast with Irv

Photo by Poor William ©DELTA BOHEMIAN

Photo by Poor William ©DELTA BOHEMIAN

By Poor William

“Me thinks the whole world is crazy except me and thee; and sometimes I wonder about thee.” — Old Quaker saying

Irv: “Do you think there ought to be background checks before someone can purchase a weapon?”
Me: “Yes.”
Irv: “Do you think crazy people should be able to buy weapons?”
Me: “It depends. Who defines crazy?”

The above conversation with my friend and frequent guest at the Clark House Inn was one of many discussions we have had over breakfast when he is in town on business. This one occurred on the day after the late August, on-air murder of a news anchor and her cameraman.

The conversation segued away from a Second Amendment rights’ discussion to my fears about future hegemonic intrusions upon religious liberties in this once religious-respecting country. If those in power are anxious to exercise it and if they do not hold dear the First Amendment rights granted to those considered crazy by the status quo or those with societal muscle, then religious minorities, folks who criticize the government, and those with non-mainstream views desiring change achievable by legal and thoughtful means are flat out in harm’s way.

So, who defines crazy?

One will not find crazy in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5): the standard classification of mental disorders used by mental health professionals in the US.

We have multitudinous definitions, metaphors, and analogies regarding “crazy.” This crazy cat often will say something to the effect, “Man, that Dude is crazy; you know that sumbitch is crazy!” Most of our pronouncements regarding crazy might often be on point, but not always…and again, who defines crazy?

Magical Madge often reminds me that no two people are alike, life is not fair, seek the Truth, be patient, love God and love others, and who is to say what is right and what is wrong!

My Judeo-Christian worldview does foster a deep-seated belief in absolutes. I believe, as do many others—quick and dead—that our nation is the greatest nation on earth because it does recognize inalienable rights, because freedom exists to innovate, migrate and to prosper in correlation to effort, acumen, and a desire to recognize needs and meet them.

As a Christian, though a sorry one, I am deeply concerned about the increasingly vocal rumblings against faith-based folks with views not mirroring those in power. Faith in metaphysically, often un-provable, unseen deities or Deity, is a precious thing to be able to exercise in our great country. I need to thank the Lord every day that I can thank him every day. I may think my monotheistic beliefs are the Truth, and I seriously believe they are, but I also cherish other folks who believe what they believe, as long as their beliefs and actions do no harm to others.

We live in a country where people, regardless of their beliefs or non-beliefs, have the right to worship or believe however or in whomever they wish. This is due to our founding fathers’ inculcating the life giving, freedom-loving, Judeo-Christian tenets into the systems that govern us.

Hey Man, I may be crazy, you may be crazy; hell, we all may be crazy, but we can sure strive to be kind to all the other crazies and agree to disagree agreeably. As for me and my house, we say, thank you, Jesus! pw

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