What do Delta Bohemian Excursions look like?

Delta Bohemian Excursion stop at Red Shack on Stovall Plantation

Poor William on his Delta Bohemian Excursion stops at Red Shack on Stovall Plantation



PHOTO GALLERY Delta Bohemian Excursions

A variety of photographs taken on Delta Bohemian Pedicab and Back Road Excursion Tours. Enoy!

The Delta Bohemian® is discovering splendid ways to connect with both visitors and locals in and around Clarksdale via our new Delta Bohemian Excursions. Be it with a fancy, luxurious, makes-you-feel-like-a-queen-or-king rickshaw pedicab or via Poor William’s sticker tattooed Jeep or Magical Madge’s posh Lexus.

Whatever your choice, rest assured you will experience our beloved Clarksdale and/or the Mississippi Delta in a real and personal way.

We celebrate the constancy and diversity of the Mississippi Delta and this new “vehicle” allows us to reach out and touch lives and in return be blessed. Charlie and Henrietta Musselwhite recently took a Back Road Excursion tour–look forward on the DB for their personal reflections about it.

Perhaps viewing the PHOTO GALLERY or VIDEO will answer the question, “What do Delta Bohemian Excursions look like?”


If you like what you see, treat yourself to this unique tour. Come on, do something different. Take a Mississippi Delta Tour with the Delta Bohemian Excursions.

Every Tour is customized to suit your interests.
Your Delta Bohemian Pedicab or Back Road Excursion Tour awaits you.

RESERVATIONS: Call 662-645-9197
WEBSITE INFO: https://deltabohemian.com/excursions/
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We make amateurish videos we hope you like.
Watch this video by the NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALLSTARS!
It is mighty mighty!



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