Voyage Chicago features Clarksdale’s $Daddy Rich$ (a.k.a. Richard Crisman)

Meet the Mississippi Delta native musician up close and real.

Voyage Chicago features Daddy Rich


Voyage Chicago publishes article titled “Meet $Daddy Rich$ (a.k.a. Richard Crisman) in Clarksdale.”

Thank you Village Chicago for writing about Richard Crisman, a.k.a. $Daddy Rich$.

While managing Morgan Freeman’s Madidi Restaurant, I often hired Richard, aka Daddy Rich, to play in the bar on Wednesday nights. I have loved his sound, lyrics, style and music ever since. 

Voyage Chicago interviewed the Clarksdale native who talks about his first musical influence which changed his life course forever. Richard discusses how he has evolved musically and how addiction damn near ended his life. The gifted singer-songwriter-musician is four years sober now and reflects on how it has affected him.

Crisman has decided to “pursue the music that I truly embody and want to perform regardless of what is popular and regardless of whatever is the current trend.” That is spoken like a true Delta Bohemian! Do your own thing, Daddy! You got it!

The article was fascinating to read. I learned how he actually got the nickname $Daddy Rich$ from my long time friend Big T. Williams and I garnered a keener insight into the man and what makes him tick.

Crisman has recently released a single from his upcoming new album, both titled “The Killing $ide.” I am hooked already. His sweet voice sings passionately about life issues I relate to. I believe you will find him intriguing too.

Watch the video below then link to the Voyage Chicago article and read more about Clarksdale’s own $Daddy Rich$. Plus download a free MP3 link to “The Killing $ide” by visiting his website at

Play more for me, Daddy. Chilly Billy and I want you to SOAR! We love you, brother.

—Magical Madge

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