By Pontificus Minimus

“A thankless person rarely does a thankful deed.”  —  Author unknown

Poor William in Red’s Blues Lounge in Clarksdale. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

How many folks do we know, often including ourselves, who harp on every negative aspect of every situation or event? It’s a shame! Ole Pontificus is no different; too often he focuses on the negatives instead of the positives, and when he does, nobody benefits. So, he writes about ungratefulness in order to avoid it. He is his own one-member congregation. His favorite professor in Bible college said, “The hallmark of a Christian should be thankfulness.” In order for Clarksdale, the Mississippi Delta, Mississippi, and each individual to grow and prosper, the movers, the shakers, and the newsmakers, MUST be positive and pull for progress, even if it is at the hand of our competitors. A grateful heart lends itself to a “whole” person, which in turn can lead to actions beneficial for others.

What is it about ungratefulness
That makes it non-sublime?
Always thinking selfishly
Not seeing limitations of time.

We’re here for just a season
Then wisped away too fast
Our good deeds are simply
The only things that last.

A generation bettered
Because we cared to do
Whatever needed doing
Within our frail purview.

But why should we help others
What compels us so?
Recognition of things beyond us–
Eternity–a higher plateau.

If there is no God
Nothing beyond the known
Then narcissism is warranted
They’re no sins to atone.

The good that we should seek
Is not beyond the pale
Yet it requires obedience
Consistency and oft travail.

Tis not an easy life
For pauper nor for king
There are so few givens
Understanding is the thing.

Understanding beyond our selves
Knowledge with intent
To do our neighbor good
To encourage and prevent

Prevent that which can hound them
Keeping them laid low
It is ours to embolden others
Others, who just don’t know

Don’t know God’s goodness
His intent nor His design
To keep his creation productive
Others-centered and sublime.

So let’s eschew ungratefulness
And recognize what’s True
That in God’s economy
He cares for me and you!


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  1. Soo true W.P.H., See Ya’ll Sunday.

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