The Wineskins new “Shut Me Up Sundance” – A Review

Magical Madge's takeaway on this 14 track album

Shut Me Up Sundance by The Wineskins

By Magical Madge

What’s normal? I know I am not normal. But in this world “we all want something, but something’s never here. We pray. We smoke. We pill. We drink. We dope and we hope. That lights always fading, as we all attempt to cope, beneath the normal sky. Real love goes floating by. Good people only lie, when they have to. When they have to.” 

That is just a taste of “Beneath the Normal Sky.” Rich lyrics from the intoxicating new album by The Wineskins titled Shut Me Up Sundance with poetic lyrics that tempt one to abandon this age of superficiality. The melodies and their message have taken up permanent residence in my psyche.

Tears fall from his eyes
Another lonely night
In the middle of his life
In the middle of the woods

Tears fall from her hazel eyes
In her bedroom sipping wine
Not even sure why she’s crying
But they don’t end,
The tears don’t end

The Great Depression
Every heart is bound to fall.
The Great Confession
At some point we lose it all.
The Great Inspection
Who am I, and who are y’all?

Calling out from the middle of the woods
In the middle of my life, the middle of my life.                     

Excerpt lyrics from “The Great Depression” by Moore/Gordon on Shut Me Up Sundance by The Wineskins

Shut Me Up Sundance was released March 2018 and is the brilliant work of singer/songwriter/musicians W. Keith Moore and Jeff Gordon, both guitarists, featuring musician/friend Greg Johnson on bass and harp— The Wineskins.

Two of the most hauntingly beautiful songs are mentioned above but it doesn’t stop there on their 14 track CD!

“Sunflower,” a song full of imagery, takes me back to the 1960’s and my youth. Love. Dreams. Sunflowers. This is a sing along song that is wistful and takes one on a kind of magical mystery dance of sorts. One moment you will be tapping out the rhythm, the next it will pull at your heart.

“Shut Me Up Sundance,” the title track of the album, is uplifting and brings images of mountains and soaring expectations for doing all one can in the moment by seizing the day as it might be one’s “last chance. Shut me up Sundance. I’ll make it today.”

“Saint” –Who doesn’t want to be a saint? And who falls short every single day? Yet the lyrics (by Moore/Gordon) still lift and celebrate hope for finding one’s way while recognizing we need help and can’t do it alone.

            Lord I want to be a Saint
            I’ll give everything away.
            But not today.
            Not today……
            ….I am unworthy and I don’t deserve it.
            I’m a loser, my own accuser.

When The Wineskins performed “Mirrored Pool” in a Home Concert Series at the Clarksdale White House, the audience was demonstrably moved. Read the lyrics below and imagine for yourself being able to hear these gifted musicians perform live for you. Consider also purchasing this thoughtful album. You’ll find it stimulates your thoughts, contemplating your life and how you are living in this world.

What do you say when you look into the Mirrored pool?

Do you toss in a pebble to erase the image?
Or do you let the water settle, and embrace the image?

I wonder what my old man saw in the Mirrored pool.
Is it why some days I don’t wanna do what I gotta do?

Can it somehow explain the asshole I can be?
Can it somehow contain the answers to my mysteries?

Made in the image of beauty.
Flawed, and ruined surely.

Within this costume of skin and veins,
The beauty remains.
The beauty remains.

What do you say when you look into the Mirrored pool?
(The beauty remains.)

Lyrics by Moore/Gordon “Mirrored Pool” from Shut Me Up Sundance by The Wineskins

See The Wineskins perform in a Home Concert Series at the Clarksdale White House on Thursday, June 28, 2018. Purchase tickets HERE.

Purchase Shut Me Up Sundance on Apple Music HERE or on Amazon Music HERE….OR purchase a CD directly from the artists themselves by attending the Home Concert. 

Shut Me Up Sundance by The Wineskins

Chilly Billy, Magical Madge and Dandy with The Wineskins Home Concert Series at Clarksdale White House.

Shut Me Up Sundance by The Wineskins

The Wineskins performed in March 2018 in the Home Concert Series at Clarksdale White House.

Home Concert - Return of The Wineskins - Clarksdale White House. Shut Me Up Sundance

Home Concert 6/28/18 – Return of The Wineskins – Clarksdale White House.

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