Thankful for Clarksdale Disc Golf

By Chunkin' Chilly Billy - Includes VIDEO & PHOTO GALLERY

Thankful for Clarksdale Disc Golf

Thankful for Clarksdale Disc Golf

A little over two years ago a couple local guys were instrumental in getting a nine-hole Clarksdale disc golf course operational right along the banks of the Sunflower River. John Clark, descendent of the founder of Clarksdale, Luke Barbieri and Bobby True, all lovers of disc golf, laid out a nine-hole disc course on the west side of the Sunflower River beginning at Soldier’s Field and passing under the First and Second Street bridges.

The City of Clarksdale, former mayor Bill Luckett, city engineer Arch Corley and others whose names I am not aware of made the original nine-hole course a reality. Recently, Clarksdale Parks Commission board president Joel Litton and commission director John Carraway were instrumental in spearheading the addition of nine more holes, giving us a par three, eighteen-hole course. Community service supervisor Mike Shaw, city commissioner Ken Murphey, and others oversee and maintain the course and the Soldier’s Field riverbank area. Thank y’all!

I started back playing disc golf in early summer after a 10-year hiatus and play most afternoons with a cadre of local guys – Bubba, Troye, Charles, Possum and Luke. We have a ball! It is great exercise; we fellowship and talk smack, encourage one another often in our non-professional status, and get to see a different view of Clarksdale right under the bridges.

The course follows a paved walking path, intermittently crossing above and below the walkway, and always following the river as it meanders through the birthplace of the blues. Folks are seen daily, fishing, walking their dogs or just themselves along the pathway, observing squirrels, owls, riparian wildlife, including the occasional disc-stealing, errant fox.

What does it cost? Nothing, but the price of a round piece of plastic.

How does one play? One throws the plastic disc—think tailored Frisbees designed for different shots—at a far-off metal basket with metal chains to catch the disc and keep it in the basket.

What does one need to play? At least one disc they can buy online or locally at Cheap Charlie’s on Desoto Ave.

How do I learn to play? Google YouTube for short videos on how to play disc golf.

Should locals play? Hell yea, just come on down to Soldier’s Field and get to chunking on our Clarksdale Disc Golf Course! —Chunkin’ Chilly


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