Tallahatchie Hunts Feeds Hunters, Locals and Yokels

Tallahatchie Hunts Catfish Flautt Ginger Burnham Jeff Corwin Ducks Unlimited

Mississippi Delta Gal Ginger with Jeff Corwin of Corwin’s Quest at Catfish’s Soiree for Tallahatchie Hunts. Photo by DB.

Catfish Flautt, the lead dawg and brain-child of Tallahatchie Hunts, recently invited The Delta Bohemians Billy and Madge for an evening of libations, fellowship and some Fantabulouso Fresh Gulfcoast “Shwimps” and Cold, Shucked Oysters. There was a mixture of Hunters, Locals and Yokels at the soiree. The Mississippi Delta draws folks from all over the world for all kinds of reasons. Even Discovery Channel and Animal Planet‘s Jeff Corwin of Corwin’s Quest was in da house along with the new Ducks Unlimited CEO.

Once you visit the Mississippi Delta or have lived here, moved away and come back, you can’t get the pure love and unique culture out of your system for this place. Voices, let them be heard! Tell us of your love of the Mississippi Delta and your tales experienced here.

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  1. Ben Crawford says:

    My favorite memories of the Delta are probably the fall. Practicing football in the clouds of defoliant near Crumpton Field. Friday night games at home and away, bus rides across the flatland of the Delta. Saturday morning dove hunts, fishing at Old River or Desoto Lakes. Visiting my relatives in Marianna, Arkansas and stopping at the MS Dept of Agriculture shed on the Mississippi side of the Helena Bridge to declare our efforts to smuggle in cotton and soybeans. Christmas shopping in Memphs…Crosstie Festival….weekends to Oxford, Starkville or Jackson for ball games. The Delta Band Fest in Greenwood for Christmas and marching in two parades. Prepping for band contest in the spring, spring formal and graduation…4 wheeling behind the levee in my dad’s two wheel drive pickup and then washing mud from the adventure.(Sorry Dad).

    Working at Safeway, the Press Register for Mr. Harold and the Commercial Appeal for James Hendricks, and then eventually for my dad in his construction business. I could go on and on there are so many memories.

  2. I hunted with Catfish at Tallahatchie Hunts this year, and it was the bomb. Not only was the hunting good, but Catfish and crew were entertaining as well.

  3. Eraserhead says:

    Been on several great hunts with Catfish, Alben and Bobo Cato. Not a finer fellow in the delta and oh what a host of stories out of ‘Fish!

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