Watcha Gonna Do With So Much To Do? Posted 10-5-11

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) PHOTOS and VIDEO Two Unedited Videos Cassidy Bayou Gallery Grand Opening Party in Sumner, MS

What is going on? Tell me! Tell me! Posted 9-28-11

What is going on? Tell me! Tell me! Posted 9-28-11 Live Music, Gallery Openings, Street Parties, Blues Festivals, Book Signings and more! Get your calendar out, make your plans and get busy getting out and about Clarksdale, Coahoma County and beyond! The weather is divine, why can’t it be like this all the time, school […]

New Cassidy Bayou Art and Culture Center to Open in Sumner with Spectacular Exhibition Featuring New Photographs by William Eggleston and Paintings by Desaix Anderson

SUMNER, Mississippi Desaix and Buford Anderson are opening an art and culture center in their native Sumner, Mississippi. The newly named Cassidy Bayou Gallery will house art space to promote exhibits primarily featuring emerging Mississippi artists. In addition to the gallery, the brothers plan to charter the non-profit Cassidy Bayou Art and Culture Foundation to […]