Dont Be Suing My Broke Ass in the Cradle of Crazy

PONTIFICUS MINIMUS OPINES Instead of finishing the article I started late last night, which needs to be completed in about an hour by Delta Bohemian press time, more aptly akin to “river time,” a phrase Quapaw Canoe’s intrepid paddler John Ruskey refers to often when on the water and he and his wildly felicitous fellow […]

Taming the Mississippi River: A God-Given Mandate?

By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS →AERIAL VIDEO INCLUDED OF MISSISSIPPI RIVER FLOOD OF 2011← Are the levees lining both sides of the swollen Mississippi River sufficient to hold back the tumescent waterway? According to many the levees are doing what they were designed to do, according to others the levees are not enough to be the only […]