Who is Dave Cornthwaite?

WATCH THE VIDEO Poor William and Magical Madge were blessed last week with an invitation from their good friend and noblest of the Mississippi river rats, Driftwood Johnnie, owner and proprietor of Quapaw Canoe Company, headquartered in Clarksdale, the heart of the Mississippi Delta, to attend a little informal dinner with slide show at the […]

Northern Humanists and Delta Bohemians

  By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS Pontificus believes the Renaissance was not completely antithetical to Christianity. Though hard to pinpoint its inception, the era loosely began in the 14th century and lasted for more than 200 years. The term Renaissance, meaning rebirth in French, was first used by historians in the mid-1800s. It refers to the revival […]

Mullet Theology: Blessing or Curse

  By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS CLARKSDALE, Mississippi What say ye Pontificus? Mullet theology? Doth thou jest or are thou creating a new belief about God? Neither one my fair friend, I am merely proposing a contemporary name for the centuries old quest for the answer to many a Christian’s dilemma: Who is right, Reformation man or […]