Put A Roof Over The Blues Hall of Fame in Memphis

By Magical Madge TWO VIDEOS IN POST If the blues has blessed you, nourished you, touched your soul, even remotely or briefly, and whether you know much about the blues or know very little, then an organization which has a domain name blues.org has got to be worthy of some attention, especially if it is […]

“I’m sorry. If you haven’t got time to talk to me you can kiss my ass.”

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) HAVE a listen to this VOICE MESSAGE BY CLICKING ON THE “Click to continue” link. The message was left on a local Clarksdale business answering machine hours after the establishment had closed for the day. Now you tell me, is this any way to

A Gentleman Caller from the Mississippi Delta

Delta Bohemians Magicalmadge and Gentleman Caller Billy Howell (Clarksdale, Mississippi) An audio capture, without knowledge, of Delta Bohemian Magical Madge of Clarksdale, MS telling her Memphis, TN cousins about her future Delta Bohemian Gentleman Caller boyfriend, Billy. Click this link to LISTEN!!! Gentleman Caller – the story of  

Poor William’s Weekend: No Clowns Required

By Poor William (Clarksdale, Mississippi)  Poor William has previously addressed his appreciation for all things Bohemian, though what constitutes Bohemian is somewhat subjective and no longer defined by what approaches abject poverty. A literal Bohemian is a native or inhabitant of Bohemia, the former province located in western Czechoslovakia. A more modern application applies to […]