Mississippi River Flood 2011 – DISPLACED DELTA WHITETAIL DEER

CLARKSDALE, Mississippi VIDEO IN POST The 2011 Mississippi River Flood affected towns, farms, and individuals dependent on its good graces, as well as temporarily displacing and confusing wildlife populations living behind the levees. A true friend and closet Bohemian, Mr. Lil John McKee, notified us during the third week of May 2011 that herds of […]

A Recap of “An Evening with Jack”

A Recap of “An Evening with Jack”  VIDEO INCLUDED IN POST The Delta Bohemians were invited to attend a celebration in Friars Point, Mississippi on Saturday afternoon, Dec. 10th. The event honored Mr. Roosevelt “Jack” Robinson for his enduring contributions to the Friars Point community, his church, his family and friends. Jack, or “Bruh Robinson,” […]

Mississippi, Dixie Beer, Sweet Lucy, Ducks and Guns

The following submission for DINGUS BATTICUS’ column was a result of Lil John McKee’s recent duck hunting and beer swilling weekend with some college football teammates from over 30 years ago. Dingus shares a kindred spirit with his erudite agricultural icon–Lil John Mckee (Swamp Rat). Larry D–Larry Davis–one of the beer-swilling meatheads, wrote the following […]