Duck hunting with Kallie North in the Mississippi Delta

By Magical Madge – The first and last time I went duck hunting was in the late 70’s with my brother, Chris. I recall… It was so damn cold…and I hate being cold The beautiful yet barren Mississippi Delta landscape resonated Hearing my brother call the ducks was fun and fascinating Thrilled I was when […]

Mississippi, Dixie Beer, Sweet Lucy, Ducks and Guns

The following submission for DINGUS BATTICUS’ column was a result of Lil John McKee’s recent duck hunting and beer swilling weekend with some college football teammates from over 30 years ago. Dingus shares a kindred spirit with his erudite agricultural icon–Lil John Mckee (Swamp Rat). Larry D–Larry Davis–one of the beer-swilling meatheads, wrote the following […]