Mornings with Tolstoy – Day Six

Limitations of Pride and Selfishness By WILLIAM PRENTISS Hours on end, thinking yet not seeing, hearing but not feeling, feeling but never expressing, this is my wakened state, unknown to none but me, and God of course, and maybe my sister. Sis read again from Tolstoy. She assumes I can hear but she doesn’t know for […]


DELTA SHORT: A local character of Sun Lake By William Prentiss WARNING: See end of post! Bubba! What a name! It didn’t bother him one iota that the name “Bubba” was often associated with uneducated, white Southern males. He knew two black Bubbas, both smarter than he was, and they were as fine as they […]

Donny, Connie, and the General

DELTA SHORT: A local character of Sun Lake By WILLIAM PRENTISS WARNING: See end of post! Donny, his real name, was a debutante and gay as the day was long. He didn’t come from money, but he sure as hell knew how to marry it. The Deb, as he was known behind his back, didn’t […]


DELTA SHORTS   Grinnel By WILLIAM PRENTISS WARNING: This story, though ultimately shrouded in redemption, does portray some characters in their basest state, including coarse language, non-gratuitous graphic sexuality, and internal dialogue and behaviors, which include obvious incidents of racism, sexism, and behaviors unbecoming those seen in a moral and polite society. Please read no […]