The Delta Bohemian Pedicab Wedding Blues

A Bridge and Groom ride in style in Downtown Clarksdale By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi (PHOTOS & VIDEO) Hey man, wanna get married and head downtown to a reception like a King and Queen at Bubba’s Bank building? Then, the Delta Bohemian Pedicab is the ticket for your love and riding pleasure!

Pedicab Tours in Clarksdale – Say what?!

By BILLY “Poor William” Howell (CLARKSDALE, Mississippi) MULTIPLE VIDEOS IN POST New Delta Bohemian® Excursions Pedicab Service Debuts in Downtown Clarksdale CLARKSDALE HOT SPOTS TOUR Reservations/Pickup 662-645-9197 or [email protected] Are you ready? Hell yea, damn right, hotties need a toddy, my legs is mighty-mighty, who in the hell are we? Hey! New Service, pedal-power, rent Poor […]