This Mans Army and the Tainted Tattoo

POOR WILLIAM’S WHIMS   This Man’s Army and the Tainted Tattoo By POOR WILLIAM What say ye Poor William, a tainted tattoo? What do you mean, kind sir? The power of the “almost permanent” can have long-term ramifications. New Year’s Day 1983 was the day Poor William decided to permanently mark his then thin frame. […]

A Mississippi Delta Christmas

By POOR WILLIAM (Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEO IN POST A story about a Mississippi Delta Christmas. In Poor William’s ‘umble estimation, The Mississippi Delta hosts no finer Christmas night party than the one shared for 45 years by the Howells, Johnsons, and Connells. It includes hot Southern delicacies such as rare beef tender, lovingly stuffed twice-baked […]

Martha’s Benediction

By Pontificus Minimus “Lean on your love for God, lean on your love for Beth, and always, always, have a good sense of humor!”  —  Martha Johnson These timely words were recently reiterated at the Howell, Johnson, & Connell annual Christmas night party, celebrated now for about 45 years! Though Pontificus moved away from the […]