Aubrey sings Angel from Montgomery

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) The Salon de Boheme was the site of yet another serendipitous heartfelt expression this past weekend. Aubrey (We calls her Sweet Thang) Powell and a friend, we calls him Bunny, were visiting the Delta Bohemians prior to our heading up to Ground Zero for some blues. After several adult libations and during a […]

Nicolas Wambolt: Our wannabe Mississippi Delta Semi-Fixture Artist

Red’s Blues Club Poster By Magical Madge CLARKSDALE, Mississippi Ok. This is one cool dude. Wandered into Clarksdale town. Into the Mississippi Delta. Artist. Illustrator. Extraordinaire. Nicholas. Nick. Wambolt. Come back to see us, Nick! Enjoy, pleasure in, feast your eyes upon, relish, reflect upon this fantastic piece of art by our German friend, Nicholas […]

Mirror Image

By CORINNE VANCE Why do we do the things we do? Why do we say the things we say? Why do we feel the way we feel? Are these feelings even real? I look around at all the mirroring images we are of each other, each person seeming to be a reflection of the last. […]