MISSISSIPPI DELTA BOHEMIAN ADVENTURES: Just another manic Sunday on the Sunflower River

“Dude, Where’s my canoe?”  VIDEO My canoe, the heavily battle-scarred, aluminum Grumman, fondly known as “Will’s Moonburn”—named after Poor William’s strong, sweet son, who once asked his father, “Dad, can you get moonburn?”—stays at Mr. Little John’s farm or on the banks of the Sunflower River at Quapaw Canoe Company in downtown Clarksdale. Yeah, I […]

Original Clarksdale Hospital in 1923 had a FIRST and her name is Ellen Tabor Gingsberg

Clarksdale, Mississippi Ellen Tabor Gingsberg of Dallas was in town for her sister Blanche Tabor Long’s funeral during the first week of February 2012. Ellen and Blanche’s son, Malcolm—a childhood friend of Poor William’s—and his girlfriend Emilie were staying at the Clark House Residential Inn during the time of the funeral. The lovely, sharp-as-a-tack, almost 90-year-old […]

Even Fish Can Get Along, Sometimes

By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS Seven tanks and a backyard pond qualify and quantify Pontificus as something of an ichthyologist. He first was turned onto fish when his mom bought him a 10-gallon aquarium as a child. Pontificus would watch and study his fish for hours, often waking up during the night to see how they behaved […]