Sunflower River Flood in Clarksdale and Coahoma County

Riding the waves on March 10, 2016


Musician Deak Harp at Shacksdale in Clarksdale during Sunflower River Flood of 2016


By Poor William

And the rains came tumblin’ down…March saw epic flooding in our celebrated corner of the universe—The Mississippi Delta. Tragically, during the Sunflower River Flood of 2016 many Clarksdale area homes were lost, many likely never to be replaced or refurbished. Our thoughts and prayers are still with those who suffered damages and displacement.

On March 10th, my daughter Bethany Howell and I decided to ride the waves so to speak. We love water, the edge, and frolicking in God’s transcendent glory, even if it involves an unsettling deluge. We put some tunes on the CD player in the old Delta Bohemian Jeep and decided to cruise some back roads with no plans but to kick up some rooster tails and see what we might see.

We rode around Lee Drive before it was blocked off, then headed toward Hopson, and eventually wound up in Friars Point, Mississippi. Truly, one of the most enjoyable outings I have ever had. Bohemian daughter and Pop had a ball videotaping with an iPhone our wild watery adventure.

For me at least, its existence serves a three-fold purpose: 1. A vivid picture of God’s rejuvenating power. 2. A composite reminder of the unabashed goodness of a community, which came together to assist those in need. 3. And, a wonderful ride with my daughter who was about to join the Air Force. pw


Music in video:

John Ruskey – RIVERMAN CD


Sean Bad Apple – Recorded live in Clarksdale


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